Ultra_eko – Venom

On Ultra Eko‘s new video, expect a dark and eerie universe that sees him lumbering through with a heaviness off the intense trip of “Venom.”

The Croydon, South London artist’s flow cuts to the bone for the sharp, and relevant verses. Right from the beginning he seems to have crafted a hard hitting sound, using a cleverly crafted array of styles. Fusing hard bodied rap with industrial sprinklings, the song has a haunted edge, delivered with a sense of urgency and desperation which defines his rap style.

​The looped production provides a hypnotic angle right from the start, and from there, his voice however solidifies the mood. Lyrically, “Venom” takes inspiration from both old school and contemporary rap music, and you can also expect a cryptic quality to the way his flow patterns merge together.​ Nods to some of the greats emerge over the course of the track, from the heavy duty subject matters and haunting presence used by Biggie, to the experimental edge that Danny Brown delivers.

However, the sound does have a distinctive, “feel it in the bones aspect” that keeps the listener entranced.

Throughout the song, the rumbling bass provides has a furious energy to it, while the melody, like the vocals refuses to let any light in.

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