Statik Selektah feat. NEMS – The New Joe

Statik Selektah continues his red-hot momentum with a new visual for “The New Joe” featuring NEMS off of his latest album, Round Trip. Directed by Frankie Fire, the video finds Statik and NEMS posted on the block while the “Bing Bong” rapper affirms his status as the new Joey Crack (Fat Joe) of rap.

With hip hop turning 50 this year, Statik’s tenth studio album proves that the genre is alive and well. Round Trip, released June 9, 2023 via Mass Appeal, is a 20-song collab project with legendary acts, promising prospects, and up-and-coming artists who are pushing the culture forward on their own terms. Upon its release, the album racked up press praise from the likes of XXL, HipHopDX, The FADER, AllHipHop, Okayplayer, BET, and more.

Round Trip is a continuation of the boom-bap production style that made the mixtape maverick-turned-media-personality into a cultural mainstay. It’s the follow up to his collaborative project with Kota the Friend, To See a Sunset (Deluxe), and the relevance of the album is all too clear. When you begin to draw parallels between his popular releases of the early 2000s and the current state of his catalog in today’s market, you’ll see that Statik is very selektive about who he works with – and rightfully so.


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I’m hard, B, rip apart beats
Fuck around, I smack the baby outta your car seat


Intro: Nems
Statik Selektah
“Is there a new Fat Joe?”
“Yeah, there is a new Fat Joe
His name Nems outta, uh, Coney Island”
What y’all wanna do?
Y’all want hardcore or shit you can do to?
I do it all (Everything)
I am the nicest, stupid
Fuck ya life (Rrrah!)

Verse: Nems
Now who the fuck you think you talking to?
I pay dues, I spray crews
Look up Gorilla Nems, my squad deeper than the Jews on Marcy
I’m hard, B, rip apart beats
Fuck around, I smack the baby outta your car seat
Give a fuck about networking and taking pictures
I just care ’bout my net worth and naked bitches
If you saw what we did then you would hate to kiss em
She just wants the dick, whеn I call, it says “Maybe rich”
I spent my whole lifе struggling
Now I’m calling playa, no huddling and we bubbling
I stack bread, count money with a humble grin
You can’t tell me nothing except I’m gonna win
If you don’t know me then you pussy, straight like that
Got the Desert Eagle pointed at your face like blatt
All your flows garbage and your tape type wack
And we ain’t scared to spend money ’cause he make it right back
It’s like that, you ain’t even like that
How your shit trash? You ain’t even write that
I might fly her in, but shorty, I ain’t paying for that flight back
‘Cause it’s fuck your life once I pipe that
Is that me in the back? I pulled it out and gave em the knife back
Now his mother’s praying for his life back
Damn, how he hit the floor, that was a light smack
What a fuckin bozo, get him an ice pack
Nah, fuck it, I don’t want it to stop
Shoot up your building with this AK, pussy, I don’t want the Glock
I’m the hardest coming off the block, unorthodox
Put your motherfuckin career in a coffin box
Your baby mother got the softest twat
Shit, I ain’t even know that was your kid’s mom
But who gives a fuck? Pussy, you’ll get your shit bombed
All year, we running down on rappers like bing bong

About Statik Selektah:

Statik SelektahStatik Selektah, the renowned DJ/Producer and mixtape maverick, has played a pivotal role in other artists’ careers, first making a name for himself through countless classic mixtapes in the early 2000s. As a full-fledged artist, Statik (the “Selektah” surname came later) has curated mixtapes for notable artists such as Akon, John Legend, Royce Da 5’9” and Q-Tip to name a few. In 2007, lawmakers started to take aim at mixtapes and anyone attempting to operate below their radar, and Statik had to pivot. As he explains, “Every month I was dropping big mixtapes, and it all just came to a halt.” Utilizing his masterful production skill set and ingenuity, Statik took his record label – Showoff Records – to the next level with the arrival of his debut album, Spell My Name Right. It was a major turning point in his flourishing career, allowing him to showcase his impressive ear for music while capturing the rising star’s ongoing journey from Massachusetts to hip hop notoriety in New York City. Statik was consistently touring around the same time, dedicating the next eight years of his life (2009 – 2017) to the road. In 2015, he welcomed his baby girl, Harley. In that delicate dance between fatherhood and fame, he learned how to exist as a single parent during the pandemic in Brooklyn while making time for the things that mattered, like riding bikes with his daughter. From there, his prestige has grown considerably. His radio show (Showoff Radio (Sirius XM Shade 45)) is playing throughout the country; he’s produced beats for seminal figures in rap ranging from Joey Bada$$ and Wiz Khalifa, to Eminem, Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs, late rapper’s Mac Miller, Sean Price, and Prodigy, to countless others; he’s a torchbearer of the boom-bap production style that made hip hop a cultural movement, and the list goes on. It’s also important to note that Rockstar Games enlisted him as the DJ and Producer of Grand Theft Auto IV: “The Lost and Damned”, as well as two songs for Midnight Club: Los Angeles. To date, Statik‘s released more than twenty projects, including his tenth studio album, Round Trip, contributing to millions of records sold.

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