Spiderdagod & Struggle Mike – Still Not One

Spiderdagod & Struggle Mike - Still Not OneSpiderdagod: The Veteran Underground Rapper from Buffalo, NY
In Buffalo’s underground rap scene, Spiderdagod, commonly known as Spider, is a well-known artist who is renowned for regularly producing intriguing music and thought-provoking lyrics. His distinctive style and ability to address complex subjects have set him apart in the music industry, earning him a dedicated and ever-growing fan base.

The Album: “Good People Die”
Scheduled for release on October 13, 2023, Good People Die is poised to be a defining moment in Spiderdagod‘s career. The album is eagerly anticipated by both his loyal fans and hip-hop enthusiasts. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

In Good People Die, Spiderdagod collaborates with a cadre of talented artists who share his vision and unwavering commitment to creating impactful music. These partnerships promise a rich and diverse listening experience, bound to captivate a wide audience.

“Still Not One”: The Single and Video Release
Ahead of the album’s official launch, Spiderdagod has delighted his fan base with the release of a single and music video titled “Still Not One.” This compelling release serves as an exhilarating teaser for what’s to come in Good People Die. The music video has already garnered widespread attention for its enthralling visuals and profound lyrics, setting the stage for the album’s debut.

The Influence of Struggle Mike
Integral to Spiderdagod‘s recent success is his partnership with local hip-hop aficionado Struggle Mike. Mike‘s guidance and unwavering support have been instrumental in elevating Spiderdagod‘s career, enabling him to reach new heights in the industry. The synergy between these two talented individuals is undeniably a key driving force behind Spiderdagod‘s meteoric rise.

The Buffalo Hip-Hop Scene
Buffalo, New York, has emerged as an unassuming hotbed for extraordinary underground talent. Artists like Spiderdagod serve as shining examples of the city’s flourishing hip-hop culture, showcasing the depth of talent and creativity that the city has to offer.

In closing, Spiderdagod‘s remarkable journey from the underground rap scene in Buffalo to a more prominent position in the broader hip-hop landscape is a testament to his extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication. His upcoming album, Good People Die, is positioned to make a significant impact, and “Still Not One” serves as a compelling prelude to what fans and enthusiasts can expect. With Struggle Mike by his side, Spiderdagod‘s future in the music industry looks incredibly promising.


All Platforms: orcd.co/stillnotone
Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/still-not-one-single/1710037460
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/1BvH66zCxN225ruwwmE5M6

Follow Spiderdagod:

Facebook: @therealspiderdagod
Instagram: @official.spiderdagod
Twitter: @spiderdagod

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