Sir Alixandir feat. Powerman Mc – Before I Get In

Los Angeles, California artist Sir Alixandir releases new hip hop song and video titled “Before I Get In” featuring Powerman Mc. Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.


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Sir Alixandir has teamed up with hip hop head Powerman Mc on the song “Before I Get In.” DJs across the US, Europe, and Canada are spinning the track as a party starter and club anthem.

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Artist Biography:

California native from LA to the Bay. Growing up he never lived anywhere for more than two years. With the absence of friends, he would occupy his time with the art of music. Growing up he used to watch his grandmother and father sing so he followed in their footsteps. Sir Alixandir‘s other influences are Michael Jackson, Prince, and DJ Quik. “I would sit in my room, jam out and write for hours, just because. I never was the type to crave fame I just love the art. Whenever I fell into a depression or was filled with joy I knew it was a song out there that I could relate to, but by the time I was 17 years young I lost my passion for the art. As the years progressed I ended up running the streets and falling heavy into drugs and living a player party lifestyle in the bay area. I had a girl for everyday of the week. I knew it would be the death of me eventually, so I decided to drop everything and come back to LA. There I ended up dabbling in psychedelics, and on a very much needed DMT trip I was awakened to my love and passion for music again. It literally was telling me this is the path I need to take to serve my purpose in life. Now I make music because that’s what I’m put on Earth to do,” Sir Alixandir explains. He also became a writer for other artists, such as Ayumi Anime and Erik Rozez. “I just want to be that writer that could be relatable and honest for the listeners. To me music is life experience in art form, and I would love for people to gravitate to my art.”

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