Simply Craig – How I Do

Atlanta, Georgia artist Simply Craig releases new R&B song “How I Do.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.



Simply Craig is a dynamic singer-songwriter who has recently grabbed attention with his hot new single, “How I Do.” Collaborating with the renowned Mr. Beatz and DJ Tony H. on production, this track showcases Simply Craig‘s distinctive style—a blend of smooth vocals and infectious rhythms that speak directly to the listeners, particularly aiming to charm the ladies with its catchy hook and dope drum patterns. Craig‘s journey into music began at a young age, fueled by a deep passion for expressing his thoughts and emotions through melodies and lyrics. His ability to seamlessly blend various genres, incorporating elements of R&B, pop, and soul, sets him apart in the music industry. With “How I Do,” Craig not only demonstrates his musical prowess but also his intent to leave a lasting impression on the global music scene. This rising star is dedicated to making music that resonates with people, focusing on themes of love, life, and everything in between. Keep an eye on Simply Craig as he continues to evolve and shape his unique sound, promising more exciting releases in the future.

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Facebook: @simplycraigigm
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