RULEZ – Rock T-Shirt/Dealer

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada artist RULEZ releases new hip hop double A side single “Rock T-Shirt/Dealer.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.


“Rock T-Shirt” YouTube:
“Dealer” YouTube:

Ontario’s rap virtuoso, RULEZ, is making waves with a dynamic double A side single that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. The two tracks, “Dealer” and “Rock T-Shirt,” showcase RULEZ’s lyrical prowess and the pulsating rhythms of modern beats.

Featured on the LP Gold Upon Gold streaming exclusively at, “Dealer” has already taken the music scene by storm. Its hit video on YouTube has garnered over 21,000 views in just one month. The raw energy of street rap meets RULEZ’s signature style, making this track an instant favorite.

Now streaming everywhere “Rock T Shirt” is RULEZ’s latest offering. Produced by the renowned Don Cash, this track encapsulates RULEZ’s lifestyle aesthetic. Fans can expect a video for “Rock T Shirt” coming soon, adding to the anticipation and excitement. The video for “Rock T-Shirt” has already amassed an impressive 10,000 views in just two days.

Radio programmers are invited to add “Dealer” and “Rock T-Shirt” to their playlists. These tracks promise to elevate any rotation, infusing fresh energy into the airwaves. RULEZ’s artistry is a force to be reckoned with, and these singles are poised to become anthems.

“Rock T-Shirt” Lyrics:

ain’t nothing cute about that punch line
they set you up for your meal in the lunch line
and we can’t count on y’all in crunch time
what they was saying always only turned out to be sometime
and those who know the flow it’s one time
just one time they catch you slipping now the story is you done time
young cats think they will outrun time
then grow a little more until they sure they can outgun time
and at the end you just begun time
get to the end of one like what up son we just begun the rhyme
and we can’t count on y’all in crunch time
what they was saying always only turned out to be sunshine
all I got is some work
and my rock t shirt

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Instagram: @rulezraprecords
Threads: @rulezraprecords

Artist Biography:

Flowing like its many rivers, Ontario’s RULEZ emerges as a rap virtuoso, seamlessly blending the raw energy of street rap with the pulsating rhythms of modern beats. His lyrical prowess is matched only by his dynamic stage presence, earning him the title of a rap legend in the Canadian music scene. With a discography that’s both reflective and revolutionary, RULEZ’s music is a soundtrack to the lives of many. His latest single, “Rock T-Shirt,” produced by the renowned Don Cash, encapsulates his lifestyle aesthetic, resonating with fans across the globe. Beyond the mic, RULEZ’s entrepreneurial spirit shines, with a successful line of designer merch and a robust digital presence on and, where his artistry and vision continue to inspire. Catch the wave of RULEZ, where every verse hits home, and every beat tells a story.

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