POP Buchanan feat. Planet Asia – Just Feel It

Brooklyn, New York artist POP Buchanan releases new hip hop song titled “Just Feel It” featuring Planet Asia. Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.


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Grand Echelon is thrilled to announce the release of “Just Feel It,” an instant classic boom bap collaboration featuring POP Buchanan and legendary West Coast artist Planet Asia. Produced by the talented ED-APE, this track taps into the profound power of hip-hop, capturing its essence and making listeners feel invincible.

Just Feel It” showcases Planet Asia‘s sonic mastery and dope flows, who passes the lyrical baton to POP Buchanan, giving him the green light to spit fire. This collaboration merges the best of West Coast boom bap with East Coast energy, creating a powerful and dynamic track.

POP Buchanan, a Brooklyn native and partner of NJ producer Nudgi-Nudge adds “Just Feel It” to their ever-evolving catalog. POP Buchanan goes hard on the song, addressing themes like community empowerment, staying aligned, and personal elevation. Planet Asia delivers his signature lyrical heat, emphasizing freshness, and upgrading sound, style, and bars. Together, they make a compelling contribution to the ever-evolving hip-hop scene.

Stream “Just Feel It” on your favorite platform today.

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Instagram: @popbuchanan
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Artist Biography:

POP Buchanan:
POP Buchanan is a dynamic Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist, author, and entrepreneur. With over 11 years of sobriety, POP Buchanan channels his journey of recovery into his music, podcast, and writing. He is the host of the “Sober is Dope” podcast and the author of the “Sober is Dope” book. As a recording artist, POP Buchanan delivers powerful lyrics that blend personal experiences with broader themes of empowerment and self-improvement. His innovative work extends to the digital art world, where he creates compelling NFTs. POP Buchanan continues to inspire and uplift through his multifaceted artistic endeavors.

Planet Asia:
Planet Asia is a legendary West Coast hip-hop artist known for his lyrical prowess and authentic sound. Hailing from Fresno, California, Planet Asia has been a prominent figure in the underground hip-hop scene since the late 1990s. He gained recognition with his debut album How the West Was One and has since released numerous critically acclaimed projects, collaborating with notable artists such as Talib Kweli, Ras Kass, and Evidence. Renowned for his intricate rhymes and smooth delivery, Planet Asia continues to influence and inspire the hip-hop community with his timeless music and undeniable talent.

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