Nickels P. – Black Panther

Saint Paul, Minnesota artist Nickels P. releases new hip hop song and video “Black Panther.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.


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“This song has a very significant message behind it if you really paying attention,” Nickels P. explains about his new song. “‘Black Panther’ goes against everything that is not about equality and even tho it may seem like our world got better I’m still angry at the system let’s keep pushing, making noise, spreading peace, til we eye&eye with higher ups.”

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Instagram: @nickelsp._
X/Twitter: @nickelspeezy
YouTube: @thagodnickelsp

Artist Biography:

Saint Paul, Minnesota artist Nickels P. who is originally from Chicago, Illinois has been making music since 11 years old. Nickels came to Minnesota at the the age of 15 and spent almost every summer in his hometown of Chicago. “I was heavily influenced by Chicago musically I grew up there, but The Sota definitely had something to do with making me, I spent a lot of time there as well I love tha sota,” Nickels P. adds. Known for his lyricism and wordplay he’s as real as they come. Stay tuned in for his soon to be released Salute Me Or Shoot Me VOL1.

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