Murda Man feat. Boosie Badazz – Preach (Remix)

Up-and-coming artist Murda Man is back in action with the release of his highly anticipated single, “Preach (Remix),” featuring Boosie Badazz. “Preach (Remix)” is available December 25th, Christmas, via
Money Over Death Records HERE. According to sources closest to Murda Man, “Preach (Remix)” is inspired by his own personal day-to-day street affairs and is becoming one of the hottest songs on the streets in the Carolinas.

Preach (Remix)” – which Murda Man recently teased on his Instagram – was first heard early August of this year when Murda Man debuted the record while dropping by the People’s station V103, in Atlanta.
Most recently, the “Preach (Remix)” video was featured on the Youtube Channel for Murda Man’s label, Money Over Death Records, and shared across Murda Man’s social’s and Boosie Badazz’s Instagram to reach more than 500,000 views in less than three months, thanks to his brilliant collaborator. Murda Man is without question one of the most slept on artists out of the Carolinas, an artist known for his distinctive style and visionary sound and he’s currently planning to celebrate “PREACH (REMIX)” FEAT. BOOSIE BADAZZ with his upcoming Preach (Remix) Tour, set to open in January 2024.


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cuz I’m bout ready to push these niggas shit back now
called my best hitta and told him to bring the scrap right now


Verse 1: MURDA MAN
Talk to god and I told him lord help me now/
cuz I’m bout ready to push these niggas shit back now/
called my best hitta and told him to bring the scrap right now/
cuz these bitch niggas they hating Murda up right now/
all this money on me got these niggas feeling some type of way/
they see my wife and they want to fuck her but she don’t play them games/
LB switched on the camp and that got me feeling some type of way/
all my old bitches they made I aint give them a time a day/
fuck niggas always talking bout niggas they shot/
til you find out the opps really ran the nigga off the block/ his bitch set him up/
she gave the drop/ but that’s how it is when a fuck nigga want to be PAC/

PREACH/ this my testimony/ PREACH / I got to tell it/I know I know/

I talk to god and told him save my soul (what I told ‘em)/
so many people want to take my soul (what he say)/
I got yo back long as yo faith don’t go (what I did)/
got on my knees and had to pray one mo/
I had to preach to my people teach to my people/
social media quiet as I who speak for my people (Boosie)/
if I love you I got you I vow my loyalty forever nigga/
it’s no talking bout you if I aint round you nigga that’s never/ fuck who you shot nigga/
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money don’t make you realer than someone broke/ fuck what you got nigga/
cuz murda could come round next week/ now what you got nigga/
another bitch up in your business talking/ cuz you told your business in da Audi/
grandmother just turned forty/ still in the club alcoholic/
Murda up right now (1x) / these niggas tough right now (1x)/
nigga use to be my dog never thought he leave me lonely/
only thing he left me was a fucking testimony/
so the question is would you slide for (yeah) / would you ride for (yeah)/
well tell me this/ why you lied to him you know Boosie he gone PREACH

(Yeah) PREACH/
Mmm (Yeah) This my testimony (this my life right here the real me)/
PREACH / I got to tell it/ I know I know/
I got to PREACH (2X) …BOOSIE
M O D ya heard

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