Lil Zay Osama feat. Icewear Vezzo – 41 Presidential

Continuing another banner year with tens of millions of views and streams and widespread acclaim, Lil Zay Osama unveils the intense music video for his new single “41 Presidential” featuring Icewear Vezzo. Watch it above.

The track’s thudding bass provides an ominous soundtrack punctuated by tense 808s and airy synths. Over this thick production, Lil Zay Osama leans into his signature flow with hushed and hypnotic soul. In one breath, he reminds, “We been hustling in these streets,” before he confesses, “I paid 40 for these teeth.” Icewear Vezzo counters with a promise to “Motivate the trenches” as they lock into an unbreakable back-and-forth. The accompanying visual highlights both powerhouses as they rap directly to the camera surrounded by friends in a warehouse, flexing ice, and shining in the spotlight.

It arrives on the heels of the music video for “Trim” featuring PGF Nuk. In less than a month, it has already reeled in over 1.1 million YouTube views. In addition to plugs from the likes of GRUNGECAKE and more, Attack The Culture exclaimed, “The hard-hitting visual goes with the equally body-shaking lyrics. It’s all types of turn up vibes when Osama drops.”

41 Presidential” continued a line of quality videos from Trench Baby 3, following recent clips for the heartfelt “Have You Ever,” “Set Up” ft. Fredo Bang, and “Chase ‘Em Down” ft. G Herbo. Trench Baby 3 is home to the recent hit “F*ck My Cousin, Pt. II,” a no-holds-barred collaboration between Lil Zay Osama and Lil Durk that is tearing up the streets in Chicago with over 16 million video views on YouTube, along with previously released singles like “Real Pain,” a moving ballad about the struggle, and “Glah Glah” (3 million views on YouTube), a hustler’s anthem named after Zay Osama‘s signature ad-lib. Featuring additional appearances from PGF Nuk and Icewear Vezzo, Trench Baby 3 is available everywhere via Warner Records.

Lil Zay Osama‘s visual ambitions extend beyond music videos–the South Sider conceptualized and starred in Trench Baby: The Series. Inspired by the mixtape, the four-part narrative YouTube TV show tells a tale of betrayal, survival, and revenge on the South Side of Chicago. Executive produced by Lil Durk and DJ Bandz, the full Trench Baby series is currently streaming on Zay‘s YouTube channel.


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Money not a problem, I been ballin’, I don’t pay for Dunks (Bitch)


Intro: Lil Zay Osama
Mm, yeah, uh
Uh-huh, go (Go), glah (Magic)
Ayy, gang, you recordin’ me?
Uh-huh (DJ Bandz, oh man)
Glah, yeah, uh

Verse 1: Lil Zay Osama
Weddin’ rose gold presidential, this a forty one (Forty one)
I ran up two checks, ain’t no way I can give my shorty one (Can’t give my shorty one, nigga)
I got a lot of dollars, you in my daughter, so you can’t get one (Ain’t getting this money, lil’ bitch)
Money not a problem, I been ballin’, I don’t pay for Dunks (Bitch)
Nigga, it’s up, you can’t blow your shit up in the trunks (You can’t blow your shit up in the trunks)
I ain’t heard from him ’cause he been owing them niggas for ’bout a month (Broke ass nigga)
He was at a stand still, I turnt him up, be able to hunt (Secret)
Dissin’ off them deals, I vacuum seal and hit the plain racks (Phew)
Land in my city, ‘bows already sold
I done ran up a fifty
I don’t wanna rock no Dior today, wear the brands from my city (Wear the brands)
I don’t wanna fuck another ho today, I don’t even care ’bout any nigga (Don’t even care ’bout any nigga)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we been hustlin’ in them streets (Hustlin’)
I got niggas over West, I got niggas over East, for real
I got niggas in the county, if you wanna buy some sheets
You can’t post it where you from, make it hot and them tryna eat
Deal, cut a nigga hands off and hear that boy beef
And that glizzy under my arm, I don’t keep near my briefcase
Yeah, circuit baby, swallowed all the-, I don’t wanna fear no kings
Can’t eat no pussy with these VVs, I paid fully for these teeth (Go, go)
I might pop out to my hood and buy my shorty and nem some sneakers
My bitch is fuckin’ bitches with me, when I cheat, I ain’t gotta sneak
Yeah, I know there’s one bitch I like, I wish I see her more (I see her more)
Yeah, soon as I link with her, Avron will do her, peep her momma

Verse 2: Icewear Vezzo
In my flexin’ zone (Yeah)
Niggas showed their true colors when that pressure on (That pressure on)
It be the ones who changes when they got up, that’s who we steppin’ on (For real)
Stretch the road, hit it with that fan and got two extras on (On)
Before we drop the rappers we don’t like, we say, “He next to blow” (Phew)
A lit a liter (Yeah), tweakin’ at my shows, it Quay Quay up in heaters (Fah)
Fuck them niggas, I don’t do no linkin’, send shit up to Jesus (Jesus)
Rolley freezin’, we the ones who weak, got two hundred beams (Beams)
Fifty thousand bustin’ out my pocket, finna fuck up Neeman’s
I’m never doing no talkin’ with these niggas if they ever show my head (On God)
Ask them pussy niggas that be hatin’, they know how we playin’ (Playin’)
Get ’em whacked, ain’t gotta spend no check, my lil’ shortys in (In)
Playin’ auto marning, got it bustin’, extra forty grand (Phew)
Motivate the trenches, put them Maybach on them Forgi’ sixty (Sixty)
Opps been dog shittin’ on my new Uris, cost me forty tickets (Brr)
On a mission, ran me up some M’s, my lil’ bro winnin’ (Yeah)
I can’t sign no rapper to my label unless he totin’ glizzys
Get ’em touched, niggas still ain’t hissin’, you gon’ spin or what? (She gon’ spin or what?)
I got so much gas up in the trunk, it look like I hit a bump (Bump)
We really them, these niggas don’t try us, they know we fifty up’d (Frr)
Hey pussy, I’m in these shots, up in that boy, it look like he King Crunk

About Lil Zay Osama:

Lil Zay OsamaLil Zay Osama makes “pain music.” That’s what the South Side native calls his combination of raw, gripping lyrics and a passionate delivery. One of Chicago’s most captivating young voices, the 23-year-old pens heart-wrenching street narratives riddled with eulogies for tragically lost family and friends. With booming drums and poignant melodies, somber trap production scores Zay’s tear-stained memoirs, auto-tune accentuating the hurt embedded in every syllable. It’s a sound that’s resonated far and wide, yet these songs talk directly to those born in the trenches. Since he arrived in 2019, Zay has continued to touch fans. His music encapsulates his greatest strengths and the emotional impact of his heaviest songs conveying the callousness of Chicago street life. A departure from the more celebratory Hood Bible (2019), which Zay recorded while glowing from signing to Warner Records, his latest duology Trench Baby and the recent Trench Baby 2 distill decades of unsettling truths and hard-earned wisdom. Trench Baby 2 as well as the follow-up deluxe edition, which included an array of street hits from “Rumors,” “Ride for Me” (with Jackboy) to fan-anthems “61st to 64th,” and “We’ll Be Straight.” A gifted storyteller and melodic virtuoso, Zay is able to maneuver between different moods from drill to trap ballads, earning him the praise of XXL, Pitchfork, HipHopDX, Complex and more.

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