Krizz Kaliko feat. ScribzZ – Hesitate

Krizz Kaliko feat. ScribzZ - HesitateKrizz Kaliko is a billboard charting, Gold and Platinum singer/songwriter whose expansive artistry embraces hip hop, R&B, indie-rock, metal, and pop, with trace elements of gospel and opera embellishing the mix. He is a longtime collaborator with fellow hometown native Tech N9ne and was signed to Strange Music from its inception in 1999 up to forming his own label Ear House Inc. in 2021. As a Gold and Platinum artist, collaborations with an array of artist such as Tech N9ne, Eminem, Jelly Roll, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, System of A Down, E40, Snow tha Product, and more, have made it possible for Krizz Kaliko to unleash every facet of his talent that will have a forever impact on the music industry.

His newest single “Hesitate,” featuring ScribzZ, resembles the lyrical style and vibe of Tech N9ne’s “Speedom” featuring Eminem and Krizz Kaliko. What makes the single “Hesitate” unique is that he features a winner from the “Don’t Hesitate” challenge. Producer Wyshmaster Beats and Krizz Kaliko listened to hundreds of entries from fans and up and coming artists all to compete for this spot and in the end, ScribzZ secured the feature. The winner was flown out to Krizz’s hometown to record the single and shoot the video for an unforgettable experience.


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Deez nuts for you ta swing on
Syke, he pushin P an gotta mic fa-youda sing on


Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko
Wait, don’t wait cause ya might be puttin on a little weight.
In the middle you’ll fiddle around an nibble a little cake.
Just a bit of a skittle
It’ll kill em I deviate,
hold- up.
Cause if you go den yo’ bro don’t blow.
I get doe an-you da-sho don’t know.
In the Mo an I’m leanin like a cholo, low.
I Had a fro now it be seemin like my fro don’t grow.
Well Hang on,
Big head like he a cling on. Right. feed em wit Speedom
And Bleed em an he don’t treat right.
Delete em, he don’t see em they gettin zero likes.
Weakin-Negros in a gringo
That mean they black or white
Deez nuts for you ta swing on
Syke, he pushin P an gotta mic fa-youda sing on.
Right, Doin da foo An seen it thew wit Shoo shoo be gone an pee
on the peons dat ain’t on what we on.

It’s been like 1000 lifetimes I just be sitting here waiting on you.
I guess a 1000 lifetimes
Never mean nuttin so what I’mo do.

Verse 2: ScribzZ
Im’a Slaughter the enemy
im already ahead of these
mothafuckas they hatin I love it
i got the remedy
I’m what they pretend to be
competition look dead to me yeah they lacking the energy
yall can’t fuck wit
my legacy
Got the game by the throat
I know that I’m finna blow
If I continue down this road
I’m gonna wind up a pro
Switch hitter
sick spitter
Yeah I’m king with the flow
Pick of the litter i got Ambitions to blow
Ya don’t wanna get me started rip em up and these artist
I got what I need
I’m undefeated  on a beat im hardest
Impeccable with the rhythm
inseparable from the mission
as long as this records spinning im goat  by definition
a pro that always winning qoute em
People throwing shade at me I don’t even know em
Shit becomes a bother but I guess it’s part of growing when u rising in the industry the haters take notice
Hiphop in the flesh
Spit hot they’ll invest
Got some opps to address
Ima lot to digest
Each time that I flex
They watch from the bench
I mosh at events
my jobs to finesse
these beats
so please
don’t be
a pice of shit
dopest out
He still releasing hits
fit to be the feature dawg hes lit
And he’s killed the beat with Ease you this shit

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