Kosha Dillz – Time For A Conversation (Macklemore Response)

New York based Israeli-American artist Kosha Dillz releases new hip hop song and video titled “Time For A Conversation (Macklemore Response).” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.


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Kosha Dillz is no stranger to being an outspoken Jewish rapper, but can that be controversial when it’s sticking up for your own people? The latest is a response to Macklemore in the exact form of his song “Hind’s Hall” with an opposing view but Kosha proposes the obvious “thing” that isn’t happening. “Time For A Conversation” displays Macklemore response into a face of Abby Martin getting debated on Piers Morgan by former Hamas member Mosab Hassan Yusef “And this parrot just repeats hamas propaganda” while he goes on for two minutes plus of rebuttling the obvious and unobvious claims; Antisemitism, Jew face, Genocide, Bibi protests, Ethiopian hostages, Toomaj Salehi the Iranian rapper on death row and Hersh Goldberg Polen, the American- Israeli hostage who’s arm was blown off by Hamas terrorists at the Nova Exhibition. Dillz even acknowledges the Nakba and Free Palestine, but also raps about how it is impossible to do so with our current state of affairs. “Free Palestine…but you gon’ free the hostages first.”

The goal is to have a conversation. Is it possible? Can two things be true at the same time? They can be, and it’ll take one conversation first.

“Time For A Conversation (Macklemore Response)” Lyrics:

Respect, guess what, it’s an exceptional tool
But y’all led by a rapper who dressed up a as Jew
Then you actually defend it
It’s what I really remember
Wearing the same mask as David Duke and Nick Fuentes
We don’t hate you
We wanna educate you
While you grift on a conflict not yours just to elevate you
That’s between you and me
At that rally in D.C
It took you three weeks to speak for the whole community
Your speech left me speechless
I couldn’t believe it
A genocide
But when the population increases?
No disrespect, but mathematically it’s wrong my brother
News flash Jewish people: man we all them colors my posse
Sephardic, Kavkazi, Mizrahi
Illest in the streets
Acknowledge the Nakba but what about one milly pushed out the Middle East
Understand, activism’s a job
Black Live Matter
Unless they’re Ethiopians held by Hamas
Am I saying the wrong thing? Is it appalling ?
You colonized Grammys from Kendrick
Now chillin with Shaun King?
How you, a man with a plan
Take from every cause that you can
Dnd didn’t once mention Toomaj from Iran
Stick up for us, Ben
In New York, Amsterdam and France
You mention Hinds, fine-
You never mention Hersh
If you gon’ disrespect us please humanize us first
Free Palestine
But you gon’ free the hostages first

I’m into counseling not cancelling on TV
My homies outside, they protest against Bibi
My friends died, yeah they murder was live streamed
But you worried about ivy leaguers with bad hygiene

Your cause valid, as a Jew I can see that
But first off tell me where the river and the sea at
I know your heart in it when you came out of rehab
Two state solution? Only Zionist believe that

What’s next Mack? A love song?
A Biden-Trump song?
Kids camping against war all on the front lawn
A dance song
A trans l trance song
Speak at a protest
Put your fist up
Make sure the cam’s on

You lead a march of the merch sales
How you the hell you gonna change if you ain’t visit Israel
Should I promise more
Camping with the college kids on a concentration camp-us
Now you try to book a college tour

Frat boys save a flag, they ain’t hip hop
Criticize them but they still bumping Thrift Shop

This for my fam stuck in tunnels with tunnel vision. If you still don’t believe us
Visit Nova Exhibition. It’s on Wall Street
Please call me
We can have discussion, I’ll buy us two cups of coffee

Seven months I think we all losing our patience
Leave the echo chamber, it’s time for a conversation

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Artist Biography:

Kosha Dillz, born Rami Matan Even-Esh, is an Israel-American emcee based in NYC. His original status in rap came out around 2009 when he won the Hot 97 Summer Jam battle landing him a promo deal with Duck Down Records. He later went on to become a playable character in NBA 2k11 as well as land a Super Bowl commercial with producer Jesse Shatkin in a 2012 Budlight ad. From the 2010s, he collaborated with RZA of Wu Tang Clan and the late Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia as well as Jewish reggae superstar Matisyahu and EDM hero Kaskade. In 2016 he landed his first billboard charting album What I Do All Day and Pickle on multiple charts including #15 on the Heatseakers Charts. After the 2020 pandemic, Kosha began his journey in street performing when there were no shows available to play. This journey resulted in various viral videos from blizzard bars and rainstorm freestyles outside MSG with Fat Joe which let him on Worldstar and The Shaderoom. The buzz and rapid rise on social media helped him get an audition for MTV‘s Wild ‘N Out of which he is a cast member for the last three seasons.

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