Knightstalker feat. Timbo King – Scattered Thoughts

Knightstalker feat. Timbo King - Scattered ThoughtsAfter last months “comeback”-single “Nocturnal Tragedies” with Sunz of Man’s Killah Priest, Knightstalker delivers the follow up “Scattered Thoughts.” The song is a bit more mellow than the last offering, yet packs the same punch and shows a lot of lyrical depth. Once again produced by long time collaborator Falling Down (who produced numerous songs for artists like Inspectah Deck, Killarmy, R.A. The Rugged Man, Sean Price, and more), the new single features none other than Brooklyn representative and Royal Fam/Wu-Tang Killa Beez veteran Timbo King.



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About Knightstalker:

KnightstalkerHip hop as a culture has always been a reflection of the society including all positive and negative things in life. Knightstalker captures this both in his lyrics as well as the musical soundscapes, mostly provided by long time collaborator and Wu-Fam producer Falling Down. After having released both successful solo efforts (i.e. 2012’s “Knighttime”) as well as collabo LPs with Apaulo Treed, and fellow Berlin representative Le First (2016’s Foreigners album), he returns in 2023 to deliver more insightful and thought-provoking songs, backed by Falling Down’s fiery and sinister production.

Knightstalker, born and bred in the south-west of Germany’s capital Berlin, got in touch with rap music for the first time in the mid-nineties by hearing the latest hip hop music from the states on the basketball playgrounds in Berlin. Fascinated by the rhymes, flows and beats of east- and west coast artists alike, he soon fell in love with the art form called hip hop.

A couple of years later, motivated by his people and inspired by hometown heroes Kinzmen Clikk (KMC), he decided to “get his grind on” and began writing his own songs. By growing up in the borough of Neukölln, Knightstalker learned at an early age what it means to live in a borough that’s a cultural melting pot with a high crime and unemployment rate. Besides dealing with those socio-political themes, as well as “grown-up”-topics he adds his own little twist of modern day battle rap and storytelling to the mix.

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