Kentron ClutchAF – U Ain No Steppa

With the recent emergence of talent, from the Carolina’s breaking into the mainstream of the music industry, Fayetteville artist Morray may have just directed his 600k plus IG following to an artist who could very well be next up for superstardom. Fayetteville rapper Kentron ClutchAF, who’s released several projects over the last five years, dropped his latest single “U Ain No Steppa” on January 15, off of his upcoming project da aTRAPulant Conception, which is set to drop April 2023. Even though the single has received positive reviews from several supporters on IG, according to Kentron it was Morray’s reposting of the song on his IG story that created an obvious uptick in his streams and fan Interactions.

After realizing the “Quicksand” rapper had reposted the single, Kentron said: “Honestly I’m still in disbelief that somebody on his level who music I fuck with, went out his way in shedded light on my song you know, I appreciate bru for that, I been doing this for a minute so it’s gone always be surreal when somebody on his level show love.” It was Fayetteville legendary rap Artist J.Cole’s co-sign of Morray’s hit “Quicksand” that helped catapult Morray into a multiple major label bidding war, a series of events that Kentron hopes to duplicate with the co-sign from Morray. You can check out the single “U Ain No Steppa” below.


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