Kash Doll – Ridin’

Hip hop artist Kash Doll releases new song and video “Ridin’.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.



Detroit rapper Kash Doll has unveiled a new music video for her latest single, “Ridin’,” which pays tribute to the cult classic film “Set It Off.” The video combines Kash Doll‘s dynamic style with elements inspired by the iconic heist movie, creating a visually engaging experience.

Drawing parallels to the gripping narrative of “Set It Off,” Kash Doll‘s “Ridin’” reimagines the visuals with a fresh perspective on the classic film, showcasing her lyrical prowess and creativity.

Fans can enjoy the “Ridin’” single on major streaming platforms, where the single is gaining momentum with its catchy hooks and captivating verses. Kash Doll‘s return to the scene has been met with enthusiasm, highlighting her ability to connect with audiences through her music.

Beyond the music video release, Kash Doll is back in the studio, diligently working on a new project that reflects her distinctive style and artistic evolution. With her signature blend of authenticity and skill, Kash Doll continues to make waves in the hip-hop genre.

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