Joi Rocks – Shingirira, Hold On

New York/Zimbabwe artist Joi Rocks releases new hip hop song and video “Shingirira, Hold On.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.


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Shingirira, Hold On” by Joi Rocks, produced by Slimm Gemm, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Kaiser at Quad Studios NYC. This record is a Tribute to Joi Rocks’ niece Panashe Selina Masoha Ayabarreno who passed on April 22, 2023. Also dedicated to family and friends who are sharing her loss. Though written in tears of pain, Joi Rocks’s goal is to deliver a message of love, comfort, and hope and uplift anyone who has ever lost a loved one; as well as encourage others facing loss to remain steadfast. “Hold on, Shingirira” (Zimbabwean Shona language meaning “Stay strong”). Joi Rocks skillfully works a combination of her native tongue Shona and English, on the premium beat produced by Slimm Gemm bringing a heart felt, emotionally charged, yet soothing and uplifting feel to the listeners.

“Shingirira, Hold On” Lyrics:

Verse 1
Moyo wangu warwadza (my heart is hurting)
Saying goodbye for now,
But I know tichafara (we shall rejoice)
Pandichakuona mumwe wangu, (when I see you my Beloved)
Moyo wako (your heart) was so pure,
Everything about you so cool,
Always said don’t worry I’ma make sure,
Whenever there was pain baby you was the cure,
My number one hot stepper,
Fire cracker Hot pepper Go getter,
Trend setter babygirl, irreplaceable,
I know with ya beautiful smile ya would tell us

Hold on
Shingirira Shingirira, Mwana wamai
(Stay Strong My friend/ mama’s baby) baby hold on
Hold on (Hold on baby, hold on hold on)
Shingirira (Stay Strong)
Hold on baby,
Shingirira Mwana wa mai (Stay Strong My Friend/ mama’s baby)

Verse 2
My heart still bleeding, yeah
Baby girl u left us needing you,
But I trust Uri panaShe (You’re with The Lord)
Kuna mai na baba vangu Uko kurinaniwe (Reunited with my mother and father)
Nyika ino (This world) wasn’t ready for you,
But the rest of us who love you wasn’t ready for God to take you,
You touched so many lives so many big blessed because of you,
An angel among us, Wish everybody saw you for you,
Super Star shine bright you left us your lil baby,
For her we gon fight,
For what’s right wit all our might
Now you watching over us flying higher than a kite
I might not see you with my eyes but In my heart I feel your light,


Zorora murugare (Rest In Peace)
Zorora, zorora, zorora (Rest, Rest, Rest)
Zorora murugare, (Rest In Peace)


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Facebook: @joirocks
Instagram: @Joirocks
TikTok: @joirocks
X/Twitter: @Joirocksmusic

Artist Biography:

Joi Rocks is Zimbabwean born and raised recording artist, now based in New York, known for her East Coast Stamp with a touch of Afro in her rap singing and toasting delivery on records like “Party Jumpin” featuring Uncle Murda, “Drinks on Me” featuring Lil Chuckee, “They Ask”, mixtape record “Number 1 Man” featuring Lil Kim, and versatility in her far reaching hit records such as “Star”, “Major” with a down south vibe, and a multitude other records produced by Grammy nominated and award winning producers available on mixtapes and record distribution outlets. Joi Rocks has notably worked with Chris and Dave Lighty at Violator Management as a developing artist, and has remained working as as independent artist since Chris’ untimely passing. For more than a decade independent and underground, she has performed at uncountable shows, showcases and interviews in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Alabama, Boston, Zimbabwe, London to name but a few. Joi Rocks has been diligently working on her new forthcoming EP Back, Like I Never Left, which she is excited to share soon . She is currently independent, but open to collaborating with other brilliant people in the music industry in order to consistently bringing real, exceptionally high quality music.

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