J-Queezy – When It Rain

J-Queezy releases the emotional new single “When It Rain” after the passing of his mother.


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I gotta feed the fam and take care of the gang
So for my momma I’m going harder than I came


Tears falling down my face I’m tired of the rain,
My life feel like a nightmare been going through some pain,
God called my mom home i swear it ain’t the same,
Long live Mia can’t let you go out in vain,
I swear I hate it when it rain,
Emotions deep im trynna wash away the pain,
I gotta feed the fam and take care of the gang,
So for my momma I’m going harder than I came

December 31st I felt my soul come out my body,
My dad and my brother called me and told me bout my mommy,
I dropped down to my knees and started crying so profoundly,
Like God why would you take her away from her whole family,
This pain I’m going through I don’t know how I’m gone recover,
My momma use to tell me that you only get 1 mother,
And now she gone so I gotta hold down my brother,
And my pops 2 we gotta take care of eachother
With all this weight on my shoulders It’s making me stronger,
Told my momma we gone make it wish she stayed longer,
No Waka Flocka flame but in the paint I’m going harder,
Chasing my dreams in a AMG not a charger

Gotta cherish your love ones while their still here,
Cuz when they gone ain’t no looking back nun in the rear,
I never thought at 26 I would face all my fears,
I lost my momma now everyday I be fighting tears,
A couple months went by but it still ain’t the same,
My kids ask about granny and I start feeling pain,
We all going through something I don’t know how to change,
I know she in a better place with my auntie Romain,
So I gotta keep my head up and stay strong for the fam,
My momma raised a real one from a boy to a man,
Ima lead by example hope you hear what I’m saying,
This only made my faith stronger everyday I’m still praying

About J-Queezy:

J-Queezy - When It RainBuffalo, NY native, Atlanta, GA resident Jaequan Herrod known as artist J-Queezy is on the rise to becoming a prominent figure in the music industry. With musical influences ranging from rap greats Tupac, A Tribe Called Quest, and recent musical figures such as Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, J-Queezy is determined to become one of the best in the industry and work his way to the top and become a house hold name. Throughout his career, he plans to bring a unique and organic sound to the listeners through his music. He prides himself in being versatile and able to stand out from other musical peers by keeping his sounds organic and describes his musical journey as “something to remember.” With his latest release “When It Rain,” J-Queezy gives you a taste of what to expect from him lyrically; constantly creating and working on new music for his listeners, his work ethic seems to go unmatched and his hunger for success in the music industry will keep him at the top for as long as possible.

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