Gunner – Insomnia

Hip hop/rap artist Gunner releases new song “Insomnia.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.



Dive into the haunting melodies and ethereal vocals that will pull you into the restless abyss of the night. Gunner‘s lyrics paint a vivid picture of the thoughts that race through our minds when the world is asleep, and we’re the only ones left to wander through the silence.

Hit that play button, close your eyes, and let “Insomnia” by Gunner guide you through the endless night.

An artist from a background of a broken family due to drugs, manipulation, and violence. From an early age, Gunner learned to use hip hop and music as his escape away from the things he had dealt with as a child to take his mind to an alternate reality. All his Inspiration for the hip hop side of things mainly stemmed from Tupac, Three 6 mafia, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Big Sean, and Kendrick Lamar growing up. On the RnB side of things, Gunner is heavily inspired by The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Drake again, and Chris Brown. Growing up, these guys including Justin Bieber taught him to use his voice a lot more being that he was a shy kid growing up. These guys made singing enjoyable instead of nerve wracking for Gunner. The Weeknd inspires him the most with his trap like lyrics and RnB feel. “My music can best be described as something like that of the people who inspired me with a blend of new school style,” he explains. “In 2016, I made my first song called ‘Man Now’ and flew to LA for a music video. This was a life changing experience and made me realize what I’m capable of doing. Inspired by the greats of my time, I plan to do big things in the music industry and no one will stop me but myself from achieving what I plan to.”

We’ve come a long way since “Man Now” but we’re just getting started!

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