Great Adamz & Sharmaine Webster – Eyes on You

Afrobeats artists Great Adamz and Sharmaine Webster release new song “Eyes on You.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.



In a harmonious fusion of talent, Great Adamz and Sharmaine Webster, two rising stars from the Midlands, have woven their musical prowess into the captivating melody “Eyes on You.” With roots in Northampton, these artists have embarked on a collaborative journey that commenced as mutual admirers of each other’s artistry, ultimately leading to a remarkable partnership that resonates powerfully in their music.

The Midlands served as the backdrop where the stories of Great Adamz and Sharmaine Webster converged. A dynamic pop artist and a burgeoning sensation, they both found themselves residing in the same town. However, it was their shared admiration for each other’s musical craft that forged a true connection. While Sharmaine Webster‘s emotive ballad “Excuses” amassed over 390,000 streams on Spotify, Great Adamz was making his own waves with his distinctive sound.

The fusion of Great Adamz and Sharmaine Webster‘s talents flourished when they took the stage together at the Northampton local music awards last year. The crowd’s response was nothing short of electric as they delivered their collaboration, “Eyes on You.” The chemistry between the two artists was palpable, and the audience’s fervent reaction affirmed the creation of something extraordinary. Inspired by their shared experience and mutual respect, Great Adamz and Sharmaine Webster decided to elevate their collaboration. The result is the enchanting “Eyes on You,” a composition that encapsulates the exhilaration of being drawn to someone in a way that transcends words. Their joint passion for music and their profound artistic connection resonate seamlessly throughout every musical note.

Eyes on You” is not merely a song; it’s a melodic journey into the heart of infatuation. The lyrics paint a vivid canvas of that indescribable moment when you encounter someone who becomes your focal point. Sharmaine Webster‘s emotive vocals blend harmoniously with Great Adamz‘s signature style, crafting a sonic tapestry that masterfully conveys the song’s emotions.

The vibrant spirit of the Midlands echoes within every chord of “Eyes on You.” This collaboration, conceived in Northampton, stands as a testament to the thriving musical landscape of the region. Great Adamz and Sharmaine Webster have fashioned a composition that not only showcases their individual artistry but also celebrates the potency of collaboration within the realm of music.

As the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of “Eyes on You” this summer, the excitement is palpable. This collaboration is a manifestation of the artists’ musical brilliance and their distinctive connection. Evolving from admirers of each other’s work to creators of a song that beautifully captures the universal allure of infatuation, Great Adamz and Sharmaine Webster are poised to capture hearts with the magnetic charm of “Eyes on You.”

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