Fresh Da Zoe feat. Wes – Let’s Go

Fresh Da Zoe is an up and coming artist born and raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Fresh Da Zoe is back in action with his new highly anticipated release “Let’s Go” featuring Wes. The accompanying video is out now.

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I’m a father figure that’s a big flex
Trynna copy what I do that’s a big test


Fresh Da Zoe
Paa ,pa , haa , haa Wes , hey , haa , hey ,ha let’s go Fresh Da Zoe Let’s go

I know they gon think that I’m broke , I spent 30 on this I can get me some more
Haven’t dropped in a minute , my bro say let’s go
I say bet it’s a challenge my flow stay on go
Just like a green light I’m always on go , you gon think I’m a street light I stay with a pole (damn)
Her pussy get wet like a pool
When she see me I’m all in her shit like a fool
Fuck a baddie I need me a fatty, I mean fuck a wifey I need me a thotie , when I hit from the back she gon call me daddy
She ain’t wasting no time gimme head in the Lobby (Woyy)
I fuck on the floor fuck a mattress (floor)
2 besties now they mistress (wow)
I’m a father figure that’s a big flex
Trynna copy what I do that’s a big test (let’s go)

Nigga thought I was soft nigga test me I pass
just like a Lambo these hoes kinda fast.
I wanted some money I got me some cash,
tryna ride on my wave nigga you gonna crash .
Stuck in the booth trying to get in my zone .
I pop me a honey and get in that mode,
just wait like a p4 my time about to load…
told bro let’s get up and go,
let’s put out some shit they ain’t heard before .
Bitch I’m the one, I ball like d’rose.
I ran up them racks, you should see all this doe .
feelin like Kevin come catch me alone
(shii fuck Let’s take this shit home)
she want me to kill, I just want me some dome.
she say that she love me i tell I know but fuck it
back 2 back Benz we pop out on the scene
touch up on this paint, you know he gon squeeze .

Fresh Da Zoe
Like fuck it , (fuck it ) these bullets hot eat it
My diamonds water , Fiji (wet)
Don’t bite the flow nigga feel it
Nah look at these hips nigga hit it
Baddies on baddies my dick over load
That Pussy so wet I might by her a boat (wet)
diamonds so bright on my choker
Killing these beats you can call me the goat
Got my own sneakers I dont wear no designer
Black and white whip like I’m riding on panda
I’m feeling so high like I’m smoking on ganja
Wetty like riri just bring an umbrella

Now she calling my phone say she ready
i’m hitting that right in the telly,
hit from the back yeah her shit is real wetty.
100k yeah it’s stuck in the celli

Fresh Da Zoe
100k I put that in the safe
I’m a walking bank nigga chase
I fuck I leave I on chase
Shit on these niggas they calling me mase

Yo Wes they gon Think it’s a game
Reach for eyes Nigga you getting sprayed
It’s a 100 ten for the shades
I want that money Nigga fuck the fame.

About Fresh Da Zoe:

Born and raised in Haiti, Fresh Da Zoe‘s hard hitting lyrics and unusually intricate harmonies combined with the trap music are drawing average audiences of approx. 100 people per show and attracting great reviews from the media including airplay on local radio. Originating in 2013, Fresh Da Zoe started as a rap duo originally known as Fly n Foreign consisting of Lima and Fresh Da Zoe. The group first started rapping as a hobby which later turned into something much greater. What started out as just something to do ended up turning into a lifestyle. Due to some personal issues, the group fell apart and Fresh Da Zoe became a solo artist. Success wise Fresh Da Zoe is still an up and coming artist but definitely one you want to keep your eyes on. His current ventures include a feature on BET, a feature on Top 21 Mixtapes Vol. 50 (hosted by DJ Envy) on Spinrilla and another feature on This Is 50’s #nextup mixtape vol. 409, ABC News, The Hype Magazine and more. “No Sleep” was his first release as a solo artist. He’s still in the studio with more hits on the way.

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