Da Kashmere – Alert (I’m Illy)

Carrying his late father’s legacy through his music, Da Kashmere releases new single and EP, It’s BITTA Baby 2.0 Da Beauty Edition.

The New York native Seraphim Benjamin aka Da Kashmere had an upbringing in South Carolina after migrating to the state with his family. With the move came his introduction with hip hop after stumbling upon old school legends like LL Cool JTribe Called Quest and Outkast. Throughout his teens, that love for hip hop grew more passionate with time. Inspired to pick up the pen, his start in the rap game began with poetry that expressed his thoughts.

Inevitably, Da Kashmere advanced to writing and recording his own songs. His 2005 debut song, “Put Em Up Knuck Buck”went on to receive commercial success, landing on both the Billboard Charts and College Music Journal. That milestone was telling of his future in the music industry, but before Da Kashmere could build on the momentum of his buzz, he suffered the tragic loss of his father. Torn about continuing to record music, Da Kashmere stepped away from the mic, indecisive about his career. It took the encouragement of his close brother and CEO, Benni Banxx, to push his return to music after years of his hiatus.

Da Kashmere
 found his way back to his passion for the craft and began releasing music leading right up to his latest body of work, the 4-trap EP, It’s BITTA Baby 2.0 Da Beauty Edition. The project features model Aneka Rich on the cover artwork and includes the lead single, “Alert (I’m Illy)” that has been a vibe for listeners and fans alike.

It’s clear, Da Kashmere was meant to follow this path, and his father would be proud. Follow the rising artist and stream his latest project.

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