Classified feat. Breagh Isabel & Brett Matthews – All About You (Retrospected)

Classified feat. Breagh Isabel & Brett Matthews - All About You (Retrospected)Celebrated hip hop artist, songwriter and producer Classified has always marched to the beat of his own drum – building his own path, while consistently raising the bar. Today, Classified (aka Luke Boyd) shares the first song and video release from his forthcoming hip hop acoustic album RETROSPECTED due out later this spring. Never one to be averse to melody, Classified brings contrast and juxtaposition to some of his most recognized hits on RETROSPECTED, beginning with “All About You” ft. Breagh Isabel and Brett Matthews via Half Life/Universal Music Canada.

About the song, Classified shares, “‘All About You’ is the first song that I released, where I noticed people really felt a personal connection to the lyrics. The number of messages I’ve received over the years mentioning that this song has helped them through a tough situation really made me realize how powerful music can be. This is a special song for myself and my fans, and I’m proud to have this as the first release from my new project which you’ll hear more about soon.”

Earlier this year, the award-winning rapper and now author, shared his candid autobiography Off The Beat ‘N Path via MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc. which went to #1 in Pop Music, and #1 in Pop Culture on Amazon and remained there for several weeks. Chronicling his rise from a middle-class family in rural Nova Scotia to become one of the most influential and authentic voices of hip hop music and one of the premier rap artists of his generation, Classified defies the industry expectation that you must live in Los Angeles, New York City or Toronto to make it as a rap artist, and he does it his way – Off The Beat ‘N Path.

Evoking a deep sense of hard work, honesty, connection, and compassion, Off The Beat ‘N Path gives readers and fans an uncensored look at the life of Luke Boyd (aka Classified) – a window into his remarkable intellect and prodigious dedication as he forges a path towards turning his biggest dreams into a reality against all odds.


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I’m living life and I’m happy, I ain’t thinking – about tomorrow
Do you


Life’s not what you take
It’s not about the promises you make
It’s not about the friends you might of made or love that is gone
Life is what you give
It’s not about the stupid things you did
It’s not about the way things could have been it’s about moving on

It’s all about you
So every morning that you wake before the first step that you take
Just think it’s all what you make it and you’ll make it through

This life will leave you stressed out, left out, with your neck out
Ain’t nothing changed
Real life, so we deal right, but it feels like,
It’s something strange
Wondering, the dumbest things and let everything
Get under our skin
Trouble again, trying to impress, somebody else,
It’s fucked in the head
So do you, you’ll never make everyone happy, it just won’t happen
At the end of the day, when all say is said
You better be ready to go back at em
I learned slow, my verse shows, my growth, my wisdom
If you positive or negative, don’t – make – difference not when you living
Cause some of the most successful people on this planet
Will kill themselves, or somebody else
Life they really couldn’t manage
Then we got bums, alcoholics, on the streets
With no stress, no where to rest, no where to dress
No where to sleep
And they said, fuck my morals. I’m drinking away my sorrows
I’m living life and I’m happy, I ain’t thinking – about tomorrow
Do you

It’s all about you
So every morning that you wake before the first step that you take
Just think it’s all what you make it and you’ll make it through
Life is what it brings
It’s not about cars and fancy things
Or hair salons or diamond rings girl so don’t you lose no sleep
Life is all about
The things you’ll never figure out
It’s all about the people you allow and, memories you keep

This here is life,
So tell me, who chooses what’s wrong and what’s right
Is it what we see, on TV, get a job, raise a family
That’s how I was raised, how I was brought up
Get a Wife, a Son and a Daughter
That’s how I was taught to be proper
Never thought anyone could get caught up
Then slowly I grew up
And the fairy tale quickly vanished
Realized that life is a b____, and s___, you gotta be able to stand it
And you gotta be able to handle it, the stress or
The pressure, you channel it
And you learn to cope, at the end of your rope
Anyway that you can, with liquor or dope
Or work hard; raise your kids, strip clubs
What ever it is,
Smoke your weed, shoot hoops
What ever you find your happiness through
It’s your life, just make sure you know what you want when you go to get it
Keep doing this s___ for you, and not your crew or the dude you trying to impress kid
Life is simple, life is hard, and yea life is fun
So enjoy the things around you
Before your life is done
And do you

It’s all about you
So every morning that you wake before the first step that you take
Just think it’s all what you make it and you’ll make it through

About Classified:

ClassifiedWith an inherent and candid ability to break down the barrier between performer and audience while “leading the vanguard of East Coast hip hop” (Chronicle Herald), Classified is one of Canada’s most respected and successful rap artists, producers and songwriters. To date he has released 18 studio albums and joined forces with some of the world’s most prominent hip hop artists including Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Royce 5’9, DJ Premier, Joe Budden, Brother Ali, Maestro Fresh Wes and many more. His self-titled 2013 release debuted at No. 1 on the Canadian Nielsen Soundscan Chart, has sold over 1 million singles and is certified 2x Platinum.  Additionally, the album boasts two Top 10 singles including the 5x Platinum “Inner Ninja” featuring David Myles and the Platinum certified “3 Foot Tall.”  As one of the most influential hip hop artists in Canada with over 200 million streams globally, the multiple JUNO Award winner hosted the 2014 JUNO Awards and has a combined 24 nominations and 8 wins between the MuchMusic Video Awards, JUNO Awards, and East Coast Music Awards. In November of 2019, Classified teamed up with hip hop legend Choclair for the collaborative track and video – “Hurt Everybody” which celebrated their collective success in the world of Canadian hip hop for more than 20 years. In 2022, Classified will offer fans a stripped down, acoustic take on some of his biggest and most celebrated hits over the past 20 years.

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