Chill Qin – 美麗的灣 Wonderful One

Chinese alternative artist Chill Qin releases new album 美麗的灣 Wonderful One. Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.



Chill Qin returns to Muti Music once again with another epic cross genre-bending cultural journey.
美麗的灣 Wonderful One feels like music should feel, when it’s a mini vacation from the mundane and generic and takes you somewhere for a little while. On this release, the sound design is incredible, production top notch and the colorful melodies, vocal contributions and unique blend of styles, all together, make this a thoroughly enjoyable journey.

Since our initial release of their debut EP on Muti Music in 2020, Chill Qin has become a well known production team from Taipei, Taiwan, labeling theirselves as ‘cross-field’ producers, the music no doubt crosses some boundaries.

In 2021 Chill Qin and Wen Ching Hao created an outstanding 12-minute sound design composition, named 43251, that was synched to custom visuals, and it was displayed at Taipei Fine Art Museum, as well as released on video and audio on Muti Music. Chill Qin continues to exemplify how traditional instrumentation, songs and sounds can be brought forward in a modern context that is both respectful, tasteful and beautiful.

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