Cadillac Muzik feat. Garrett Shider – Brain UnChain

Cadillac Muzik feat. Garrett Shider - Brain UnChainBesejaCaddyMackMoses of Cadillac Muzik and GarrettStarchild JrShider of Parliament Funkadelic team up to create a psychedelic funk and alternative R&B masterpiece. Moses, the nephew of Jimmy Sampson (Ohio Players Drummer) and Shider, the son of Garry Shider (P-Funk Lead Guitarist) has fused psychedelic funk and modern alternative R&B/hip hop to create something new and unique.

Inspired by soul and funk greats like P-Funk, Jimi Hendrix, Sly and The Family Stone, Curtis Mayfield, and Isley Brothers, the two have created something nostalgic that’s reminiscent of those eras, but has its own modern-day flavor and style.


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Cadillac MuzikCadillac Muzik is a psychedelic funk/alternative hip hop and R&B collective of artists and songwriters. The brand began in San Antonio, Texas that in late 2009. The collective is made up of several key musicians and artists such as CaddyMack Moses, DaddyD’Vill, Moonshyne Brown, Jojo Raines, DJ Memph, and many more talented musicians and songwriters.

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