Alce F – Spin The Block

Miami, Florida artist Alce F releases new hip hop song “Spin The Block.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to let us know what you think about it.


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“With all this talk about the BIG 3! I decided to put my BIG 3 ex girlfriends all on one art cover and write a song about it,” Alce F explains. “Spin The Block” is a catchy phrase organically turned into a catchy song that the ladies love and the fellas can relate to.

“Spin The Block” Lyrics:

Dr. Joe, on the job Jay Fresh Beats One more time Yeah One More Time Baby can I spin the block One More Time Damn you so fine I know I crossed the line Can I take you to our spot Maybe one more Time Surf and turf on a plate with expensive wine Can i have you for dessert Baby one More time Can I spin the block Baby let me come inside And do all the freaky things that’ll come to mind Let me spin the block, spin it one more time Playas mess up too, I charge it to the game I didn’t mean to sleep with her, what’s her name I know you fed up with me, i’m the one to blame I’m still that n***a though, he is not the same How you do this to me?

Make me go insane you Got that good brain, I taught you lots of things I taught you lots of things, baby, can I spinna Baby, can I spinna, spin the block One more time, damn you so fine I know I crossed the line, Can I take you to our spot?

Maybe one more times, surf and turf on the plates with expensive wine Can’t I have you for dessert? Baby one, more, time Can I spin that block, Baby let me come inside And do all the freaky things that’ll come to mind Let me spin the block, spin it one more time Skr skr, skrr skrs time, yeah Spin it, one, more, time Spin that, One, More, Time, Yeah Spin That, ONE, MORE, TIME Yeah yeah yeah, baby, let me Spin the Block Let Me Spin The Block, drop it like it’s hot Shawty on the clock, shawty, on a pole Shawdy go to work, Shawdie touch her toes All she say is Alce, Alce Alce Go, Alce go, let me spin the block One more time, one more Time, baby, Let me Spin the Block One More Time Spin The Block, One One Time Spin, Spin a, spin a Let Me Spin A Block Spin and Spin -a

Follow Alce F:

Instagram: @alce_f
TikTok: @alcee_f
X/Twitter: @alce_f

Artist Biography:

I go by Alce F. Music artist, entrepreneur and business owner. I been in love with music my entire life. It went to another level when I started writing and creating music at the age of 14. When I got my first taste of performing on stage in front of an audience, I said to myself I want to do this for the rest of my life. However, the path to making it a reality has been nothing short of challenging. But that is what makes the journey so exciting. There isn’t a manual on how to become a successful music artist, there’s no class or course to take. You have to create your own course and trust in the process. I’ve been knocked off my course plenty of times and wanted to quit. Its about getting back on course and making adjustments. At the end of the day I want my story to influence others build and complete there course. I created my brand for the ambitious dreamer, everything is obtainable but first you have to “Go To Work.”

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