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    2 days ago

    Simply Craig – How I Do

    Atlanta, Georgia artist Simply Craig releases new R&B song “How I Do.” Please check it out above and drop a…
    Hip Hop/Rap
    3 days ago

    Young Nero – Lapdance

    Chicago, Illinois artist Young Nero releases new hip hop song and video “Lapdance.” Please check it out above and drop…
    Hip Hop/Rap
    6 days ago

    Nickels P. – Black Panther

    Saint Paul, Minnesota artist Nickels P. releases new hip hop song and video “Black Panther.” Please check it out above…
    Hip Hop/Rap
    7 days ago

    Elboe – Tell Ya Mama

    Birmingham, Alabama artist Elboe releases new hip hop song “Tell Ya Mama.” Please check it out above and drop a…

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      In an era dominated by digital platforms and social media, the traditional methods of promoting music seem to have taken…
      August 29, 2023

      Attracting Investors for Your Music Career: Tips and Strategies

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      Ready To Promote Your Music?

        May 31, 2022

        Da Kashmere – Alert (I’m Illy)

        Carrying his late father’s legacy through his music, Da Kashmere releases new single and EP, It’s BITTA Baby 2.0 Da Beauty Edition. The…
        February 10, 2022

        Dr. Rose – Right Now

        Dr. Jerrett Rosenborough, best known to most as “Dr. Rose,” has built a successful dental practice in his home of…
        Hip Hop/Rap
        February 2, 2023

        Dax – The Devil’s Calling

        Hip hop artist Dax releases new video “The Devil’s Calling.” Please check it out above and drop a comment to…
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